Over a decade ago Ms. Alona Eliasi established an interior design studio that mostly specializes in the commercial sector. This studio turned out to be one of the leading studios in Israel.

The studio portfolio includes: Restaurants, Cafés, bars, hotels, gyms, shops, offices, night clubs and residential homes.

The firm provides the costumer with a full comprehensive solution for the perfect project.

The design services include: building a concept accordingly to the clients vision, understanding the clients goals and needs, advising the client on the suitable proper budget and picking an attractive location if needed.

In the beginning of a project we provide the costumer with a detailed 3D simulation that includes all the necessary factors that are essential for the design while strictly relying on the costumer's budget.

Once a project is implemented we provide an overall supervision including; choosing the most suitable contractors for the project and accompanying the process until completion.

Located in Tel Aviv, our studio provide services to several projects in Europe, US with intention to expand to other locations around the world.